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Unlock Your TRUE Potential

A Definite Muslim Guide to Masculinity

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Learning how to become the ideal Muslim Alpha is a necessity to master your purpose and succeed in life.

Alhamdulillah for you, you don’t need to learn by trial and error.

You’ve just stumbled upon one of the biggest life hacks you will ever encounter.

The Muslim Alpha course is designed to transform you into a high value-man in the epitome of masculinity and leadership.

This is your shortcut.

A step-by-step program to develop an indestructible warrior mindset, successful long-lasting relationship, and ultimate financial freedom.

What is The Muslim Alpha Course?

The Muslim Alpha Course is a step-by-step guide based on the Quran and Sunnah, broken down into easily digestible bite-sized 5-min actionable lessons to become the best version of yourself. This course will train you,

       ✅   How to Make a MASSIVE impact on your family and community.

       ✅   How to MASTER the secrets of winning at work and at home.

       ✅   How to WIN your WIFE’S HEART, so the honeymoon never ends.

       ✅   How to UNLOCK your Full Potential and be The Next Muslim Alpha.

       ✅   And so much more…

What's inside?

  •         Are You Ready for Change?
  •         Are You Weak?
  •         Are You Strong?
  •         Identifying the Problem
  •         Asses Your Society/Environment
  •         Lifestyle Affects Your Fitrah
  •         The Enemies of Muslim Masculinity
  •         Failing Ourselves and the Ummah
  •         Death of the Warrior Mindset
  •         Weakening of Identity and Hedonism
  •         Depression and Anxiety is Our Default
  •         The Absence of Education Based on Revelation
  •         The Decay of Ethics, Morals, and Honor
  •         Incorrect Understanding of Islam
  •         Disregarding Academic Integrity
  •         Fixing the Problem
  •         Make the Correct Intention, Bismillah
  •         Sunnah Style Part 1
  •         Sunnah Style Part 2
  •         Carry Yourself Like the Prophet PBUH
  •         Seek Knowledge Systematically in the Name of Allah
  •         Learn the Arabic Language
  •         Understand Your Aqeedah Through Quran and Sunnah
  •         Following the Sunnah is a Lifestyle
  •         Develop Your Relationship with Allah SWT
  •         Pray, Fast, and Don’t Settle for the Bare Minimum
  •         Practical Tips to Get Closer to Allah SWT
  •         Morning Routine for Victory
  •         Take Care of Your Health
  •         Go for a Jog and Make the Climb
  •         Develop Courage from Aqeedah
  •         Challenge Yourself; Difficulty is Growth
  •         Invest in Yourself
  •         Never Give Up
  •        Learn About Women & Intimacy
  •        The Science of Intimacy
  •        Intimacy is Making Love
  •        It’s All About the Mindset
  •        The Mindset of a Woman
  •        Women Love Attention
  •        Fitness and Confidence is Key
  •        Your Wife Comes First
  •        The Anatomy of a Woman – 1
  •        The Anatomy of a Woman – 2
  •        The Anatomy of a Woman – 3
  •        The Anatomy of a Woman – 4
  •        Be in Control
  •        You Need to Have Passion
  •        Menstruation; Chivalry and Strength
  •        Be Firm, Don’t Show Your Vulnerability
  •        Learn What She Likes; Change Your Environment
  •        Can You Handle Polygyny? Part 1
  •        Can You Handle Polygyny? Part 2
  •        The Importance of Vetting
  •        Pray Your Istikhara and Make Duaa
  •        Grooming Tips
  •        Product Recommendations
  •         Financial Independence; Spend for the Sake of Allah Part 1
  •         Financial Independence; Spend for the Sake of Allah Part 2
  •         Nine to Five Will Kill Your Masculinity
  •         Think Outside the Box and Don’t Doubt Yourself
  •         Chase Your Dreams and Don’t Be Afraid
  •         Cooperate with Your Peers and Ask Allah
  •         Practical Tips for Financial Independence Part 1
  •         Practical Tips for Financial Independence Part 2
  •         Practical Tips for Financial Independence Part 3
  •         15 Key Points for Success Part 1
  •         15 Key Points for Success Part 2
  •         15 Key Points for Success Part 3
  •         15 Key Points for Success Part 4
  •         15 Key Points for Success Part 5
  •         Join the Movement; Be a Solution to the World’s Problems
  •         Share the Message
  •         Join Us and Help Others
  •         Mastering the Leadership Mindset.
  •         5 Fundamental Tenets for an Extraordinary Marriage.

Without Strength,
Mercy is Weakness

How can I join the course?

This is the most advanced program to transform your life based on Quran and Sunnah. It contains hours and hours worth of high-impact coaching.

To cover all this training in a 1:1 private coaching program, would take 6 months and a $2000 investment.

And it’ll be way, way more valuable than $2000. But not everyone can afford that.

So we have distilled everything we could teach into the Muslim Alpha Course for just $99!

That’s 95% OFF. And it comes with a daily step-by-step program with instant access to the Muslim Alpha Course for life.

One-Time Easy Payment of $99/-

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Frequently Asked Questions

Emphatically YES. I know this from personal experience, and from scores of young people who have transformed their lives.

Success is a skill that can be learned, no different than learning to fight or riding a bike. The biggest difference is how little time it takes to become great at it.

In order to make the course accessible to as many people as possible, we are offering this course at a highly discounted price 0f $99 ONLY.

This course is designed for adult men. However, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to sign up with the understanding that this course in part addresses masculinity.

While the course was designed to make an impact right away, a weak mindset is developed over time, so you will need to train yourself gradually to reverse it and make a lasting change. Therefore, you will have unlimited lifetime access to the course for as long as it is available Insha’Allah.

Potentially yes.

We offer it to people living in countries that have been cut out from the international banking system.

It works like this: Contact us, we’ll give you the address for bitcoins, and as soon as we receive the payment we’ll create an account for you.

#1 Muslim Alpha Course

Master Your Purpose And Start Winning

About the Coach

Gabriel Al Romaani is a leading educationist, expert psychologist and professional counselor.

He is a well renowned Islamic speaker featuring in numerous Islamic TV channels including Huda TV, IQRA, The Deen Show, The Daily Reminder and more.

Gabriel has helped thousands of people around the world to achieve success and become the best versions of themselves.

The Muslim Alpha Course is the culmination of his life’s work.

He curated and refined it to be the quickest, most effective step-by-step program based on Quran and Sunnah to achieve success in this world and the here-after.

If you are a driven man who wants more, this is for you.

What People Say

An extraordinary mentor, an excellent coach, an outstanding adviser and, by far, the best leader that I had the opportunity to work with. Gabriel has an innate ability to bring out the best in people.
Muhammad Faizan Awan
Gabriel Al Romaani is a dynamic leader and a renowned scholar. He is passionate in 'touching lives of people from all walks of life', by empowering them to be better and help those around them.
Muhammad Ikram Thowfeek


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